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  • Online registration does not guarantee a seat on the event. Please follow the instructions in the confirmation email to complete the process.
  • Payment must be completed in full prior to the event to facilitate admission to the event.
  • As per DHA guidelines, you are eligible to achieve full CME points based on your attendance at each session of the event.
  • Cancellations received in writing by the organiser 14 days prior to the event date will be considered for full refund. Cancellations made after this date will be considered for 50% refund. Non-attendance will not be subject to refund. Substitutions received in writing can be made at any time.
  • All materials provided during the event are copyrighted and is the property of Pyramid Quality and/or the speakers. Attendees are entitled to use such materials except for your personal use. Attendees are not entitled to use or authorise others to use these materials for any commercial purposes.
  • Event Attendees shall be required to keep their personal belongings with them at all times. Pyramid Quality accepts no liability for the damage or loss of personal belongings.
  • 1.We may use photographs taken at events in marketing materials, including use on our website. If you do not wish to be included in any photograph, please notify the photographer at the event prior to the photographs being taken.

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  • Scope of Service
    Compliant with ISO 17025 Guidelines, and manned with highly-skilled and trained technicians, the Laboratory is accredited for offering the following scope of calibration services:
      • Mass/Balances
        • Adult Weighing Scale
        • Pediatric Weighing Scale
        • Analytical Weighing Scale
      • Temperature
        • Refrigerators
        • Blood Bank Refrigerators
        • Blood Bank Freezers
        • Laboratory Incubators
        • Laboratory Hot Air Ovens
        • Laboratory Autoclaves
        • Dental Autoclaves
        • Water Bath
      • Physiological Parameters
        • Pulse Oximeter
        • NIBP Monitor
        • Sphygmomanometer
        • Cardiac Monitor
        • IBP Monitor
        • Apnoea Monitor
        • Vital Sign Monitor
        • Digital Thermometers
        • ECG Machines
        • Holter Monitor
        • Ambulatory BP
        • Stress Test System
      • Speed
        • Centrifuge
        • Laboratory Roller Mixer
        • Laboratory Vortex Mixer
        • Laboratory Shaker Mixer
      • Volume
        • Pipettes
        • Pipette controller
      • Cabinet Validation
        • Laminar Air Flow
        • Biological Safety Cabinet
        • Chemical Fume Hood
      • Time
        • Timer
        • Stop Watch
      • Radiological
        • General X Ray
        • Fluoroscopy
        • CT Scanner
        • Dental X ray
        • C Arm
        • Portable X ray
        • Mammography
      • Defibrillator Calibration
        • Manual Defibrillator
        • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
      • Electrical Safety Test
        • Electrical Safety test of all biomedical equipment
  • Pyramid Labs Accreditation Pyramid Labs calibration Pyramid Labs Education Pyramid Labs GMP/GDP

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